Liposuction )General / Local Anaesthesia( Many people choose to have liposuction because sometimes even the strictest diet and exercise regime just can’t shift stubborn fat or tackle an uneven body shape. Liposuction, also known as lipectomy, is a procedure that improves the body’s contours and proportion by removing excess fat deposits to slim and reshape specific areas of the body. Common areas targeted include thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck and under the chin, flanks ,back Liposuction is an excellent way to shape, tone and contour specific body areas. Your body won’t replace the fat cells removed from these areas, so each method of liposuction can deliver a long-lasting change to your body shape. Depending on the procedure and the amount of fat removed, liposuction can take place under either local or general anaesthesia. If only a small amount of fat and a limited number of body sites are involved, liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia, which numbs only the affected areas. For large volumes of fat, general anaesthesia is commonly used which is safe and effective. To discover which method is most suitable to achieve your aims, book an appointment with one of our plastic surgeons and he will give you the most updated diagnostic and treatment and will help you to take the correct decision This is a chance to discuss your chosen method with full details and the results you can realistically expect.

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery also known as mastopexy, is a procedure that raises and firms the breasts. Excess skin is removed to tighten the surrounding tissue and to reshape and support the new breast contour. Breast lift surgery requires either general or local anaesthesia which is safe and effective.


Abdominoplasty, sometimes known as a 'tummy tuck', is designed to help improve the shape and tone of the abdominal region. The procedure involves the removal of excess sagging fat and skin to improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports the fat and skin and repair any separated muscles. The surgery can be very effective in reducing the bulge caused by excess skin, fat and loose abdominal muscles. The result is a flatter, firmer and more shapely abdomen. This procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia or under local anaesthesia which is safe and effective


Brachioplasty or Arm lift, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the upper arms by reducing excess skin, and in some cases fat, resulting in smoother skin and better-proportioned contours of the upper arms. This procedure aims to reduce excess sagging skin that droops downward when arms are extended away from the body, tighten and smooth the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm. This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.


Thighplasty is a procedure to tighten and improve the overall appearance of thighs. A thigh lift can reduce sagging in the inner or outer thigh. It is often a procedure performed on patients who have lost a great deal of weight. This procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of overly large breasts. Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body. Breast reduction surgery is nearly always done under general anaesthesia which is safe and effective.

Augmentation breast

Breast Augmentation is another name for Breast Enlargement or Breast Enhancement and is also known as Boob Job. It is the single most requested plastic surgery in the world. It is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast. The surgeon places silicone, saline, or alternative composite breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissue. Implants last 12 years or permanently For women, their breasts play an important part in their overall personality and it also gives them a lot of confidence. Many women feel the need to have breast surgeries – some for cosmetic reasons, some due to deformities, and some due to mastectomies (removal of breast due to cancer). Whatever the reason, it is important to know that it is a surgery, which would need proper medical expertise and support. process Being the leaders in breast surgeries, and the best in the field of breast augmentation in Dubai, we share the relevant information here for you